Fix Ordering

Rebalancing is an essential component of the portfolio management process. Rapper enables rebalancing the portfolios against a model as well as an investment profile. The orders, as a result of the rebalancing, can be submitted via the FIX connection to the custodial bank. Financial Information Exchange (FIX) is an information and data protocol used to disseminate price and trade information among portfolio managers, brokers and banks.

Rapper integrated with CDD on Demand

Rapper is integrated with CDD on Demand. Wealth Managers can perform instant CDD checks from the Rapper dashboard and review the report which is stored automatically.


Streamlining the Reporting process, Rapper incorporates a powerful reporting solution that alleviates complications arising from highly manual, period-end reporting process.

Both productivity and client reports enables you to:

Respond to the increased demand for more individualized reporting, while reducing the time required to complete and send the report packages.

Increase accuracy of reporting when the statement of assets should be generated and then automating the collating and displaying of the reports via MyRapper.

Possibility of developing custom reports