Rapper Wealth Management Software

Rapper Wealth Management Software is a complete solution for Asset Managers, Family Offices, Private Banks and Monitoring Services.

Position and transaction files from various custodians are daily processed in an automated fashion and will result in consolidated reporting for listed and or alternative Assets.

The CRM functionality such as online client file, notes and alerts provides a full overview of each client.

Portfolios can be linked to a model portfolio based on investment profiles and can be rebalanced at any time, resulting in orders for the custodial bank.

Service & Client Dashboard

Rapper Service Dashboard is designed to provide an overview of the client portfolios in a very innovative and efficient way. Daily transactions and position files from various custodial banks are automatically imported into Rapper and enable reconciliation.

  • Performance and (historical) risk is calculated daily.
  • Constant monitoring by the “Watchdog” ensures that portfolios are invested within the agreed boundaries.
  • The Dashboard gives overall insight into the development of the portfolio per manager, client type or custodian.

Client Dashboard

The Rapper dashboard shows client portfolios, bank account information, reports and documents in a very organized manner.
It shows directly the total invested capital, the performance YTD and the total risk of the portfolio.

Any user can add documents such as contracts, fact sheets, reports and other documents.
It is also possible to add notes and view summary reports for each client.


Transparency and instant availabilty of portfolio information is becoming increasingly important.

Rapper has developed a web application which ensures that the client has the same information as the Asset Manager.

The client has an insight in the portfolios through the MyRapper application. This application is accessible via the internet and on any device.

The portfolio holdings, performance, asset allocation and documents are online available at any time.

Explore the features

Custodial Interfaces
Rapper has multiple custodial connections. Transactions, positions and client information can be processed at Rapper on a daily basis.

Model Portfolios
Rapper enables model portfolios in two ways: Actual portfolios with underlying transactions or portfolios based on percentage weightings.

Balancing client portfolios is a standard feature within Rapper. Models are attached to the clients based on their investment profiles, resulting in suggested orders which can be processed to the custodial bank.

Data Provider
Rapper is fully integrated with Six Financial Information. Prices, FX and Indices are retrieved daily as well as security information (Industry Groups & Sectors, Countries & Regions, Asset Class, Security details).

The watchdog is constantly monitoring the client portfolios and performs checks on debit positions, missing prices, asset allocation, risk levels and reconciliation on quantity and cash balances.

Rapper has an integrated document management system which enables tagging. The documents can be shared very easily with clients via MyRapper.

Multiple Banks & Consolidated Reporting
One client can hold multiple bank accounts which can be reported and viewed in a consolidated fashion.

Rapper can track portfolio information as well as client information.